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About Prison Education Programming

ASU’s Prison Education Programming (PEP—formerly Prison English) begins with a belief that education is a right that inheres within our humanity. It is not a right that stops at a prison’s gates. Education needs to traverse borders and boundaries, including prison boundaries.

Arizona State University espouses community engagement, an effort to reach out from its campuses in order to achieve beneficial and lasting effects. In the words of the university’s vision statement, “ASU strengthens communities by contributing to community dialogue and responding to communities’ needs. We provide an education that’s inclusive rather than exclusive. Our students engage in the world around them.” PEP locates itself squarely within this work of community engagement.

This small program emerged from educational voluntarism – faculty who give their own time in order to assume additional workload –

The PEP advisory committee includes:

  • Cornelia “Corri” Wells (Department of English/PEP Director)
  • Naala Brewer (School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences/PEP Co-Director)
  • Joe Lockard (Department of English)
  • Tsafrir Mor (School of Life Sciences)
  • Shavawn Berry (Department of English)
  • Albert Boggess (School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences)
  • Ruby Macksoud (Department of English)
  • Michelle Ribeiro (New Mexico Corrections Department, retired)
  • Elly van Gelderen (Department of English)
  • Kevin Wright (School of Criminology and Criminal Justice)

Community Partners include:

Arizona Department of Corrections – Florence Prison (Men), Eyman Prison (Men), Phoenix Prison (Men), Lewis Prison (Men), Perryville Prison (Women)

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